We are here for the future heroes,  the challengers, the ones with an idea in their head, fire in their belly and a will to succeed. We are here for the creators, the true believers, the ones that have the courage to take that step forward. We are here to help the entrepreneur in you make an impact. We know in any venture, how important it is to get your proposition right. To achieve that union between what your audience needs and what you are offering.  We know that the people who need the most help on clearly defining and expressing what they are about are the ones that are just starting out. We also know how much the big agencies charge and that in the early days cash is tight. So that is why we focus on cutting out the stuff you don’t need, to deliver the value you do need. 
  • Luke Vincent, Founder
    Luke Vincent, Founder

    I’ve had nearly 15 years experience helping world class brands define, refine and express their brands or develop entirely new offers.

    I started my career at P&G, the company that invented brand management and before setting up BeLucent was a Director of Strategy at Landor, one of the worlds biggest and most respected brands consultancies.

    I’ve helped companies of all sizes, from the likes of BP, M&S, Tetley, Lacoste, to businesses just starting out. Although some people love the glamour of the household names, I’ve always been most excited by working with startups and new ventures which led me to mentor several startups at the London Business School incubator, The Deloitte Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

    I believe brand is the beating heart and soul of any organisation. And it needs to be managed for any venture to maximise its potential. Brand drives what you do, what you say and ultimately what your audiences thinks about you and consequently what they will do.

    How brands should be managed is changing. Clarity has always been important and Lean Methodology Tools can help us create a connection with our audiences far faster. What has become more important is that to be successful today a brand needs to be open, authentic, and purpose driven. Which means real people that want to make a difference have an advantage. I think that is pretty exciting.