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Luke’s talks inspire and equip audiences to build the purpose led brands that are needed to thrive in today’s economy.

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About Luke Vincent

Luke Vincent is an award-winning brand strategist and purpose pioneer. For almost 20 years he has helped businesses large and small create brands that drive results.

  • Luke has advised on over £100 Billion of brand value. He has helped global businesses such as Diageo, EY, Tetley and M&S. And many smaller firms, including mentoring start-ups at the London Business School incubator.
  • Luke started his career at P&G, the company that invented brand management. Eventually he became the Director of Consumer Strategy at top tier brand consultancy, Landor.
  • He founded BeLucent to help entrepreneurs and change makers grow their business and make a difference. Luke believes that purpose led brands can change the world.
  • He has pioneered tools such as the The EPIC framework and Purpose Activation Score (PAct). He is writing a book on building a purpose led brand and is a guest author in an entrepreneur best seller. He has featured as speaker on radio shows, podcasts and at conferences.

Dear Event Organiser

Business owners in your audience are always looking to attract more customers. But the rules have changed – to grow in today’s world businesses need a purpose led brand. Luke has translated a hot emerging topic into simple human terms that opens hearts and minds. His inspiring and actionable talk gives audiences inspiration and tools they can apply today. Do you want to give your audience something that that will leave a lasting impact? Then book Luke to speak now.

Luke’s Hottest Topic:

How To Build A Purposeful Brand That Attracts Better Customers And Ignites Faster Growth

To thrive in today’s world your brand needs a purpose. People are expecting businesses to do more than just make money. The brands that don’t respond are finding it harder to attract customers, to motivate employees and to not get left behind. Purpose builds trust. So you can attract better customers. Purpose unlocks motivation. So you can attract and inspire the best talent. Purpose changes how you think so you can unlock new sources of growth. A business built on purpose will be your greatest legacy.

In the talk, you will learn:

  • A simple way to think about brands that even non-marketers will understand

  • The 4 key elements you must have to build a purposeful brand and attract better clients.

  • Why this is so important today. What has changed and why this is the essential strategy to succeed in the future.

  • Specific steps you can take today to build those 4 key elements.

  • The 4 deadly mistakes that many people are making right now.

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Transform Awards

2015 Bronze for “Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition”

2017 Bronze for “Best visual identity from the fast-moving consumer goods sector”.

DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

2018 Beverages Bronze

  • Positive social media sentiment tripled from 6% to 18%

  • Brand distinctiveness score increased by 36%

  • A 12% decline in sales transformed into + 3% growth globally (15% total growth!)

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