Do you work with purpose?
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More and more people are using purpose to grow profit and positive impact in the world.

Purpose has become a buzzword as more people are waking up to its importance in business. Yet successful implementation of purpose in business has been patchy and inconsistent.

Working with purpose in business comes with new opportunities and new challenges. And there isn’t a manual for “doing purpose”.

The Contribution Revolution seeks to share stories, inspiration and advice from the coal face. By learning from each other we can increase the momentum and impact of the purpose movement. We can fuel a revolution in how business contributes to society.

Please get in touch if you have worked with purpose in any capacity. You may be a founder, leader, executive, or consultant – I would love to speak to you.

Your experiences hold powerful lessons for others working to bring purpose to their business.

I want to hear about the successes and the struggles. You can keep things as confidential or public as you wish. I will only publish what you feel comfortable with.

About the author

Luke Vincent is an award-winning brand strategist and purpose pioneer. For almost 20 years he has helped businesses large and small create brands that drive results.

Luke has advised on over £100 Billion of brand value. He has helped global businesses such as Diageo, EY, Tetley and M&S.

He loves working with founders, and has mentored start-ups at the London Business School incubator.

He believes purpose is the key to unlocking positive change across business and society.

Leave your details and I’ll be in touch shortly

Leave your details and I’ll be in touch shortly